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program overview

Careers and Currency is a workforce development initiative that supports high school students and emerging adults transitioning into high-paying careers. The initiative offers career counseling, skills training, and financial planning resources to achieve greater socioeconomic mobility. By providing comprehensive support and resources, the program helps individuals overcome barriers to success and reach their full potential. Careers and Currency also comprises several career development series geared to promote economic mobility.

I've Graduated, Now What
careers and currency series


You're officially a graduate! This is your moment to shine, your time to step off that stage, diploma in one hand, and grab financial independence with the other. There is no need for panic stations; this ride will be smoother than you think.

Picture this: an 80-minute masterclass that turns financial jargon into simple, golden nuggets of wisdom. We're talking eight shiny "coin-tips" redefining how you look at money. From budgeting to investing, we've got you covered. These tips are your secret weapons to becoming a financial whizz.

This could be the most valuable hour and twenty minutes you've invested. Stay sharp and keep your eyes open because who knows? That financial windfall could be just a few coin-tips away. Ready to dive into the world of finance? Let's turn those nuggets of wisdom into real dough! 🕵💰🎓

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careers and currency series

degree not required

Not every road to a paycheck is paved with degrees...


If you wonder whether a college degree is the only way to achieve success, you're not alone. Our "Degree Not Required" series is designed to showcase four high-paying professions that don't require a degree. These professions have an average salary of over $60,000 per year—significantly higher than the average salary in Central Florida, which is $42,879 per year.


Join us for our four-part quarterly series, where you can learn from successful Central Florida professionals about their unique careers, including field trips. You'll discover how they paved their way and, most importantly, what you can do as a student to reach your full potential and achieve your financial goals by following in their footsteps.

  • Students between 13-24 (minors require parental consent). Orange County, FL residents preferred.

  • Attendees must actively participate in each session.

  • Quarterly live sessions in February, May, July, and October. All sessions begin at 10:00 AM

  • Each quarter includes three virtual meetings and an optional field trip based on student attendance and engagement.

  • Email for additional questions. 

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