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Create Your Coins, Mint Your Future!

Are you a middle or high school student with a business venture that’s more than just a hobby? Do you dream of turning your side hustle into a full-fledged career after graduation? Look no further—8 Cents in a Jar proudly launches COIN CREATORS, a groundbreaking 12-month program designed to transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into a sustainable business model.

Embark on a Revolutionary Path: COIN CREATORS isn’t merely a course; it’s a comprehensive roadmap to entrepreneurial triumph. Crafted in collaboration with top-tier mentors and industry connoisseurs, this unique program is your golden ticket to the world of business mastery.

Experience Transformational Growth: Dive into a transformative journey across the vibrant terrain of business and innovation. With COIN CREATORS, you’ll hone vital skills, unleash your innovative spirit, and chart your course to victory. Each module is a stepping stone, from strategic planning to mastering customer service, equipping you with the prowess to excel in the competitive marketplace.

Forge Your Success Story: As you navigate through each interactive learning project, you’ll draw connections between business ownership, financial acumen, career progression, and the art of earning. COIN CREATORS is more than an education—it’s an incubator for your flourishing enterprise.

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Program Goals & Objectives 

The Coin Creators program by 8 Cents in a Jar aims to achieve several goals:

  • Economic and Financial Operations: Coin Creators is designed to help students between 12 and 18 accelerate their current business model or incubation idea. Through economic and financial operations, the program ensures that these ideas have a meaningful purpose, maximum profits, and scalability.

  • The program involves providing financial literacy training to youth to prevent juvenile delinquency. The aim is to reduce the likelihood of students who have been incarcerated for poverty-related crimes from returning to criminal behaviors by providing financial education.

These goals reflect the program’s commitment to empowering young individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in entrepreneurship and personal finance.


Minimum Requirements for Enrollment:

This program demands dedication and a proactive approach to learning. It’s designed for students ready to roll up their sleeves and dive deep into finance. You’ll be expected to contribute your time, curiosity, and enthusiasm.


  • Business Ownership: The student must own and operate a legal product or service business in Florida. The student's business will participate in business challenges and revenue pitch competitions for prizes.

  • Commitment: Students must be able to commit to the full 10-month duration (June 2024 - April 2025) of the program and participate in the entrepreneurial coin challenges along with in-person events. 

  • Technology Access: Participants need computer and internet access to virtual workshops and transportation to in-person events and business micro-competitions.

  • Supportive Environment: A supportive environment involving teachers, parents, or guardians is recommended to maximize learning outcomes.


student benefits

Remember, the journey to becoming a millionaire starts with a single step—or, in our case, 8 cents. Start saving now, and let’s build your financial empire together. Before enrollment, review the student benefits to ensure you and your family are serious about accelerating your business.

  • Financial Incentives: Students can participate in eight coin challenges that offer cash rewards, which can boost their business ventures financially.

  • Professional Branding: Enrollment includes branding kits and a sponsored photo shoot, which can help students create a professional image for their business.

  • Investor Access: Students gain access to local inventors interested in investing, providing a unique opportunity to secure funding and mentorship.

  • Business Skills Development: The program teaches essential business skills, from ideation to execution, preparing students for the real-world challenges of entrepreneurship.

  • Networking Opportunities: Students can connect with like-minded peers and industry professionals, expanding their network and opening doors to new possibilities.

  • Real-World Formation: Through their business projects, students gain valuable hands-on experience, including sponsorship in establishing their business as a legal and recognized entity in the United States (meaning we pay for your legal services ...up to a certain amount).

  • Enhanced Resume: Participation in such a program is an impressive addition to any resume or college application, showcasing initiative and practical skills.

  • Personal Growth: The program encourages personal development, including problem-solving, leadership, and financial responsibility, which are beneficial in all areas of life.

These benefits provide immediate advantages and lay the groundwork for long-term success in any entrepreneurial endeavor. 

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