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8 Cents in a Jar represents a new beginning for students to save money and eradicate the cycle of generational poverty. Our objective goal is to equip the greatest possible number of students to transition as a role model for fiscal responsibility, measured in economic and demographic improvement behaviors consistent with those in a financially sound community.

programs &


All programs offered by 8 Cents in a Jar introduce students to personal finance and economic education using engaging methods. Each signature program covers at least two coin components to educate students and generate financial confidence leading to a path of upward economic mobility. We offer both public and private programs to accommodate the demands of the communities we serve. To sign-up for our public events and more information, subscribe to our newsletter.  

coin components of change

Behavioral Economics

Develop a healthy interaction with money and understand economic models to form reliable decision-making skills

Spending & Saving

Demonstrate how to effectively spend and save money for specific goals and master financial capabilities throughout adulthood

Lending & Loans


The impact of borrowing money and how loans work. Develop cost-effective risk management strategies for lending practices

Generational Wealth

The history and how-to guide for creating wealth that's passed down from one generation to another -  starting as a student 

Investor Education

Explain the stock market and how smart investing builds wealth and helps meet financial goals. Learn strategies to buy and sell trades

Student Entrepreneurship

Generate and produce earnings to cultivate a new business with maximum profits and meaningful purpose

Credit & Debt

Know the purpose of a credit report, benefits of excellent credit, how to build and maintain credit, and avoid long-term debt problems


Learn what a tax is, how taxes are collected, and ways that tax money is used towards product, income, or activity in the private sector

community programs

bonds over brunch

 Our signature fundraising event for adults to meet some of Orlando's top Financial Advisors and learn about investing within a relaxed environment with drinks and dialogue.  Proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the student stock market competition and funding student Scholarjars.

Change Academy

The Change Academy is an ongoing program designed to boost the financial performance of students as they enter college. Starting their first semester, students will be assigned change agents to meet virtually every semester and officially launch a financial future free from debt.


Change jars

Community change jars allow students in low to moderate-income neighborhoods to open their first savings account with spare change donated by their community. 8 Cents in a Jar will partner with a local business to host the change jar.

student savers

Each quarter, 8 Cents in a Jar will reward a student for saving money for a specific goal. Students are chosen randomly based on essay submission and have a chance to win a $25 contribution to their savings jar.

senior Saturday of savings

The Senior Saturday of Savings and Scholarship Session is a send-off to graduating seniors as they embark on adulthood. Filling in the gaps in home economics and financial literacy, students will learn "adulting" skills to receive micro-scholarships.

the stock market challenge

The student stock market challenge gives elementary and high school students the opportunity to participate in an online investment simulation and manage a hypothetical $100,000 investment portfolio. Powered by the Florida Council of Economic Education.

teach students money expo

Teach Students Money is an expo for students in grades 6 through 12 combining high energy, interactive sessions designed to educate students on how to acquire and save money. Through this simulation, students travel around a life-sized board game to make lifestyle and budget choices.

The Orlando saves project

Orlando Saves is a joint partnership with America Saves, a campaign managed by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America that motivates, encourages, and supports low- to moderate-income families to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. 

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