The Florida Stock Market Challenge is hosted by the Florida Council for Economic Education and gives K-12 students the opportunity to participate in an online investment simulation and manage a hypothetical $100,000 investment portfolio. Students throughout the state compete for 8 weeks to achieve the best portfolio performance within their division.

Standing true to our commitment, 8 Cents in a Jat ream consists of students attending schools that do not offer financial literacy. In 2018, 8 Cents in a Jar's elementary team ranked 1st and 2nd place in Central Florida and took home the title as regional winners. Our high school team ranked in the top 3% of all 4,879 teams and received micro-scholarships to fund their brokerage accounts

student rewards

National research shows participation in stock market simulation programs improves test scores in economics, mathematics, and financial literacy.

Here are the economic and personal financial literacy skills students will gain through the Stock Market Challenge:

  • Resource allocation

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Risks and rewards of investing 

  • Oral and written communication

  • Leadership, teamwork, and collaboration

  • The ability to analyze and select investment instruments

  • Diversification and investment strategies

  • Identifying trends and forecasting possibilities

  • Data interpretation, analysis, and synthesis through the use of models and simulations

eligibility and selection

  • Complete the student registration form below to be selected as a member of the 8 Cents Team. Parental consent is required. 

  • Must be a resident within the Central Florida area. Students zoned in Title I schools or low to moderate communities will receive priority. 8 Cents in a Jar will do our best to accommodate all students interested in learning how to invest in the stock market. 

  • All team members must complete training provided by 8 Cents in a Jar at their designated location(s). Please be present for orientation and all group training sessions as listed:

    • Virtual Orientation - Wednesday, January 8th

    • First Group Session - Saturday, January 25th

    • Second Group Session - Saturday, February 22nd

    • Third Group Session - Saturday, March 28th

  • Community organizations and youth groups are eligible to form a team and hold training at their current facility based on availability. Email us if interested. The same rules apply for training. Availability is limited. 



frequently asked questions

  • Can you tell me more about the program? What will the students be doing?
    The Stock Market Challenge is an online simulation of the global capital markets. It engages students in the world of economics, investing, and personal finance, with the goal of preparing them for financially independent futures. Participants are given a virtual $100,000 to invest in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

  • Is there a registration fee or associated cost for the Stock Market Challenge?
    Thanks to generous funding, the Stock Market Challenge is available at no cost to all participating students. 


  • This seems complicated. How will the students understand the material?
    No prior knowledge of finance or the stock market is required to participate. 8 Cents in a Jar will provide students a seamless transition into the game, including lesson plans, activities, and open communication with parents.

  • What is the time commitment from the students and parents? Will transportation be provided?
    Practice sessions and competition last for four months, beginning in January 2020 and concluding in April 2020. High school teams meet twice a month - once in person and virtually through webinars. Parents are highly encouraged to attend student orientation. All in-person meetings will be at the Microsoft Store in The Mall at Millenia. We'll provide food and refreshments. Transportation will not be provided to and from home.


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