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This program is funded in full or part by Orange County, FL Government.

Teach Students Money Expo
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Teach Students Money Expo...huge success!


Thank you to the 300+ students, parents, volunteers, and community members that joined us at the 2022 Teach Students Money Expo! If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, you witnessed students having a financial breakthrough as they learned how to avoid the pitfalls of money management!



Check out our expo results and testimonial videos by clicking on the digital booklet.

Teach Students Money Expo


Teach Students Money Expo is an experiential learning program for grades 6-12 students that combines high-energy, interactive sessions to educate students on real-world financial life skills.


Through this "Real World" simulation, students move to a new city, "EightVille," and assume the role of 28-year olds in Central Florida, who are provided a credit score and monthly salary for their chosen education and career and family scenario. Students must visit each storefront and make decisions concerning their standard of living (e.g., a one-bedroom apartment versus a three-bedroom home) and prioritize needs versus wants to adapt to life's complications without permanent consequences.

The simulation represents actual businesses in the community and a host of volunteers that operates 20 storefronts. Students spend their salaries on items typically found in a monthly budget by visiting the appropriate storefront, including housing, utilities, groceries, insurance, childcare, and transportation. Like all adults, students must keep track of their finances throughout the timed activity and attempt to complete the simulation with a positive balance. Students sit down with a financial counselor during the post-simulation lesson to reflect on their experience and review their financial decisions.

Tickets Include:

Student Game Ticket - Free

  • Game ticket

  • Gourmet box lunch with a snack station

  • Student prize raffles

  • Opportunity to win stocks

Tickets Include:

Adult General Ticket - $8.00

  • Parent workshops and lounge

  • Gourmet box lunch with a snack station

  • Chance to win $200 towards a household bill

  • An adult must accompany students under 18

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"I graduate high school in May and thought my current paycheck was enough to be an adult. That's not enough for food. I need to go to college or consider a trade. Don't tell my Mom she was right!"

primary goals:
  • To increase participants’ awareness of how income and lifestyle choices affect the amount of money available for discretionary spending.

  • To increase the students’ knowledge of money management tools used in daily spending for cost-of-living decisions.

  • Demonstrate the connection between finances, community, and political involvement. 

expo findings:
  • 49% of students stated paying for utlitlties and trash services surprised them the most. 

  • 98% of students that chose the high school diploma track begged for additional education during the expo.

  • 99% of students agreed the Teach Students Money Expo permanently altered their financial behaviors to save and budget more.

  • 100% of parents reported the expo allowed them to talk openly about finances with their children.

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“I have to tell you – this is the first time since COVID that my teenage son has willingly, without being asked, talked to me about something that happened today. He asked us a ton of questions about money management and would not quit talking about the Teach Students Money Expo simulation. Thanks for grabbing his attention and introducing finance in a way I could not.”

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