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Oakridge High School
700 W Oak Ridge Rd, Orlando, FL 32809
10:08 AM - 2:00 PM | High School Students

Orange County, FL Students: Free

Adults: $18.00

This program is funded in full or part by Orange County, Florida.

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A real-world experience learning financial literacy

2022 Teach Students Money Expo at Orange Technical College
Teach Students Money Expo


Teach Students Money Expo (TSME) is a priceless opportunity for high school students to learn how to cash in on their financial future. Through fun and interactive sessions, they will master the cents and sensibility of money management. In the “Real World” simulation, students get a taste of adulthood in Central Florida within the city of “EightVille.” They are given a credit score and monthly income based on their dream education, career, and family situation. Exploring different storefronts, students have to make it rain or save for a rainy day by choosing between options like a cozy studio or a spacious mansion and balancing their needs and wants to overcome life’s hurdles without going bankrupt. The simulation showcases various businesses and volunteers running over 25 storefronts, where students spend their hard-earned money to pay for everyday monthly bills such as rent, electricity, food, insurance, childcare, and transportation. Like grown-ups, students must stick to a budget throughout the activity and aim to end with a surplus. After the simulation, students talk to a financial advisor to reflect on their choices and evaluate their financial savvy.

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learning objectives


Our expo combines the National Standards in Personal Financial Education by the Council for Economic Education (CEE), the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy (Jump$tart), and Florida’s State Academic Standards for Social Studies 9-12 Financial Literacy Strand. By the end of the expo, students will:

  • Reflect on how their values affect financial decisions and respect others’ perspectives and experiences (SS.912.FL.1.1).

  • Compare careers, evaluate how your education, skills, and interests affect your income, and understand how cognitive biases affect your financial decisions (SS.912.FL.1.2 and SS.912.FL.2.1).

  • Recognize financial challenges and risks, develop strategies to prevent or cope with them, communicate effectively, and seek feedback and advice about your financial decisions and needs (SS.912.FL.3.1 to SS.912.FL.3.5).

  • Analyze the impact of your spending and saving habits on your financial goals and adjust your behavior accordingly, appreciate the benefits of financial literacy, and express your interest and motivation to learn and improve your financial skills and knowledge (SS.912.FL.4.1 to SS.912.FL.4.5).


“I have to tell you – this is the first time my teenage son has willingly, without being asked, talked to me about something that happened today. He asked us many questions about money management and would not quit talking about the Teach Students Money Expo simulation. Thanks for grabbing his attention and introducing finance in a way I could not.”


An extended schedule will be sent to all registered attendees. 

  • [9:18 AM] Registration and Orientation Begin

  • [10:08 AM] City of EightVille Open

  • [10:28 AM] City of EightVille Countdown Begins! 

  • [10:38 AM] Parent Workshop #1

  • [11:48 AM] Parent Workshop #2

  • [1:08 PM] EightVille Shuts Down/ Resident Exit Tickets 

  • [1:38 PM]  Closing Ceremony/Departure 

2023 Teach Students Money Expo at Grand Ave Community Center
Parent Lounge Sponsor: JP Morgan Chase Bank 

We are so grateful to our new sponsors and returning supporters for powering EightVille. Your generous contributions help us keep our lights on and our content flowing. Thank you for investing in us and our community. 

2024 Presenting Sponsor:
2024 Parent Lounge Sponsor:
2023 Teach Students Money Expo at Grand Ave Community Center 
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“I had a great time at the Teach Students Money Expo. I learned a lot about budgeting, and investing from the experts. It was also fun to interact with other students and share our ideas. I think this expo is very helpful for preparing us for the future.” - Aisha, 10th grade student

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icymi: TSME recap

Thank you to the 300+ students, parents, volunteers, and community members who joined us at the 2023 Teach Students Money Expo! If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, you witnessed students having a financial breakthrough as they learned how to avoid the pitfalls of money management! Check out our expo results and video testimonial by clicking on the digital booklet!

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expo findings:
  • 49% of students stated paying for utilities and trash services surprised them the most. 

  • 98% of students that chose the high school diploma track begged for additional education during the expo.

  • 99% of students agreed the Teach Students Money Expo permanently altered their financial behaviors to save and budget more.


  • 100% of parents reported that the expo allowed them to discuss finances with their children.

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