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Thank you to everyone that joined us for the 2023 Teach Students Money Expo! Our recap and post-event report is now available for review. Additional recognition to our volunteers, storefront operators, and community partners that joined us!

Teach Students Money Expo


The Teach Students Money Expo program is a hands-on learning experience designed to teach students about real-world financial life skills. Through a simulated city called EightVille, students will learn about managing money, making wise financial decisions, and living responsibly in Central Florida.


One of the program's main focuses is behavioral economics, as students decide about their living standards and prioritize their needs versus wants. This will require them to think carefully about their spending choices and how they allocate their resources. The program also includes a range of businesses and volunteers operating 20 storefronts, representing typical monthly expenses like housing, utilities, groceries, insurance, childcare, and transportation. By visiting these storefronts and making purchases, students will learn about the various costs associated with daily living and how to budget effectively.


Throughout the simulation, students must keep track of their finances and attempt to complete the activity with a positive balance. This will help them understand the importance of managing their money effectively and their decisions' impact on their financial well-being. After the simulation, students are invited to post personal finance lessons to improve their financial management skills and make smarter decisions in the future.

Primary goals:
  • To increase participants’ awareness of how income and lifestyle choices affect the amount of money available for discretionary spending.

  • To increase the student’s knowledge of money management tools used in daily spending for cost-of-living decisions.

  • Demonstrate the connection between finances, community, and political involvement. 

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"I graduate high school in May and thought my current paycheck was enough to be an adult. That's not enough for food. I need to go to college or consider a trade. Don't tell my Mom she was right!"

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icymi:2023 Teach Students Money Expo report

Thank you to the 300+ students, parents, volunteers, and community members that joined us at the 2023 Teach Students Money Expo! If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, you witnessed students having a financial breakthrough as they learned how to avoid the pitfalls of money management!

Check out our expo results and video testimonial by clicking on the digital booklet!

expo findings:
  • 49% of students stated paying for utilities and trash services surprised them the most. 

  • 98% of students that chose the high school diploma track begged for additional education during the expo.

  • 99% of students agreed the Teach Students Money Expo permanently altered their financial behaviors to save and budget more.


  • 100% of parents reported that the expo allowed them to discuss finances with their children.

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“I have to tell you – this is the first time since COVID that my teenage son has willingly, without being asked, talked to me about something that happened today. He asked us a ton of questions about money management and would not quit talking about the Teach Students Money Expo simulation. Thanks for grabbing his attention and introducing finance in a way I could not.”

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