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Founded in 2016, 8 Cents in a Jar, Inc. is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the Central Florida community to create opportunities for underserved students to achieve economic mobility through financial education. 8 Cents in a Jar represents a new beginning for students to save money and eradicate the cycle of generational poverty. Our objective is to equip the greatest possible number of students to transition as a role model for fiscal responsibility, measured in economic and demographic improvement behaviors consistent with those in a financially sound community.

To increase economic mobility, our mission is to provide students in under-served communities with resources and capital to become financially capable. Each day we accomplish our mission, we move forward achieving our vision of diminishing generational poverty using economic education and financial capability measures as a catalyst to increase upward mobility.

A product of poverty, our founder, Lashea Reaves saw firsthand the increasing percentage of children born to parents in poverty, welfare, and marginalized communities perpetuated a generational cycle of welfare use and remaining in the bottom percentile of poverty as the children become adults.

Within the financial realm, the power of 8 associates with matters of business and wealth largely depend on cycles to fulfill a manifestation.

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