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Ancient Coins

we are coin collaborators

To reach any of our spokespeople, financial education experts, and thought leadership contributors, please email

What is a collaborator? A collaborator is a team member for 8 Cents in a Jar, but we think of you as much more. At 8 Cents in a Jar, a collaborator brings the team unique skills, perspectives, and experiences. We value each collaborator's input and recognize that everyone has something important to contribute. Meet our coin collaborators who share the goal of positively impacting our students’ financial freedom. We believe collaboration is critical to achieving great things, and we are excited to work together to make a difference, one jar at a time!

Borad of Directors

board of directors


Satchel Pulse 

Danisha Duncan-Phillips



First Horzion Bank

Elementary Earner._edited.jpg

Lighthouse Wealth Consulting


Orange County Public Schools

University of Central Florida

Knight Federal Solutions

The Probate Pro

Heart of Florida United Way

Progressive Cleaning


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